Enlighta enables airlines, rail, shipping and other transportation companies, state and private agencies to drive business value from their strategic supplier engagements via enhanced performance monitoring and reporting and client-supplier collaboration as well as reduction in value leakage due to invoice errors, gaps in tool support for processes and lack of management insight into issues and compliance gaps.

Transportation companies, state and private agencies are under pressure to lower costs of business-as-usual to account increased competition from alternative transportation choices and increased volatility due to natural disasters and unrest. There has been a growth in the use of third-parties whether it is cleaning companies, cargo mgmt. partners, tech partnerships for Wifi or other services.

While existing IT systems or GRC tools are inadequate to provide the detailed third-party contract compliance and performance management that is expected to satisfy regulatory oversight and the insight that is needed by management, there is limited budget available for new solutions.

VMO groups have a lot going on and are typically small groups with limited bandwidth; a key challenge is to empower these groups with a robust platform without needing a lot of their time.

Enlighta’s platform uniquely addresses requirements of Transportation organizations.

Unlike point solutions, Enlighta addresses all facets of effective Supplier Governance including performance mgmt., contract compliance, third-party risk monitoring, compliance attestation and more. Enlighta integrates with leading GRC and Contract Mgmt. tools.

Effective vendor governance includes active participation by Executives, Vendor Managers, Business stakeholders, Contract Managers, Finance groups, etc. The ability to support different needs of these stakeholder groups to drive adoption is critical.

Out of box collaborative processes help prevent operational issues from impacting relationships and lower the cost of services delivery and governance.
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