Dynamic Scripts For Rapid Adaptability

Dynamic Scripts For Rapid Adaptability

Often client requirements are very specific, and cannot be addressed solely via configuration of the solution. For instance, a requirement may be to send email alerts in very specific format with specific content aggregated from multiple related application entities. Or, to compute priority of a ticket using multiple criteria, or to auto-compute risk based on client-specific criteria.

Enlighta includes a Dynamic Scripting capability that provides a simple API; using this API, a developer can customize the application functions. The Dynamic Script can be invoked in the application for validation of application entities on create or edit, on specific workflow process step transitions, on scheduled events and on clicking of specific buttons in the application.

Most importantly, customizing the application does not require downtime, and also future upgrades are not impacted, as the Dynamic Script is captured as system data in the application itself (and does not therefore require a re-build, re-deploy cycle).

The ability to dynamically customize application without a lot of downtime or extensive customization that make subsequent upgrades very costly is important, and supported via Enlighta Dynamic Scripts.

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