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Service Request

Service Request

The ability to model different forms and different approval, delivery and escalation processes for different services in the service catalog is important for delivery organizations.

For instance, for a New Tablet request process, in addition to the type of Tablet, there would be additional information collected for accessories specific to the Tablet selected, and there may be 3 levels of approvals required (manager, finance and executive), and an expected delivery turn-around-time of 2 weeks after final approval. On the other hand, a service request to change a VPN password, or onboard a new contractor would capture other fields, and require other approvals or notifications.

Enlighta's service request automation allows for rapid configuration of request forms, approval and delivery processes, and reporting of volume and cycle-time metrics.


Enlighta Deliver is used by leading IT services delivery organizations to automate service requests for services defined in the service catalog, rapidly and without programming.

Some of the world's best IT services providers use Enlighta - suggest you give it a whirl. Register here to set up Enlighta for your organization, or to access a demo site, click here.


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services