Architecture and Technology

Architecture & Technology

  • Distributed Architecture for Scalability
  • Modular Solutions Adapted by Analysts
  • Integration via Web-Services, Email, Batch Upload
  • MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, LDAP, SSO
  • DBMS – Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Module Overview

Adaptable Application Model Extend existing application entities, or create and link new application entities including fields, contraints, rules, user interface
Dynamic Workflow Create or dynamically extend process workflow for application entities such as approval, on/offboarding processes
Metrics Wizards for modeling of quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily metrics for performance reporting of cycle-time, volume, quality, etc
Ad Hoc Reporting Wizard driven ad hoc reports for application entities including summary, pareto, bar, line, pie, gantt, etc.; export to excel, html
Report Distribution Ad hoc or daily, weekly distribution of reports to internal groups or external users, PDLs via html, png formats
Document Management Upload of documents (pdf, word, etc) to repository, metadata for documents, document search (keyword, boolean) and ranking
Notification Email and dashboard alerts to PDLs, users and external email addresses for reminders, breaches, warnings, approvals, escalations
RSS RSS feeds for alerts related to change communication, escalations, breaches, reminders, warning
User Roles and Groups Role based user-interface and access control; creation of new roles by administrators; user groups for approval, alerts
Dashboards Role based dashboards for performance, chart, summary reports, alerts, etc. Personalizable by users.
Personalization Users can set preferences for notification, report filters, "my dashboards", delegation for absence
Security Ability to set sophisticated access control at the organization, role, user-group level for application entities, fields, processes
Authentication Support for LDAP (MS Active Directory, Sun System Directory), and dual (internal user, external user) authentication
Audit Logging Audit trail for selected application entities for every user create/edit/delete action including prior/next field values, timestamps
User Interface Configurable user interface that supports multiple field types, field-to-field, value-to-field dependencies; page sections, etc
Integration - Web Services Simple web-services API that enables any application entity to be created, queried, updated or deleted; bi-directional support
Integration - Online Upload of MS Excel files for application entries, and online form entry for auto-generated user interface for application entities
Integration - Email Upload of data sent via email as formatted text, free-form text and excel files sent as attachments; error handling
Error Logging Multiple levels of logging for detection and resolution of operations management


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services