External Data Enrichment

External Data Enrichment

When it comes to analytics, the more data you have, the better insights you can gain from your datasets. Organizations across different industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, logistics, retail, and the public sector, are embracing external data enrichment as a part of their vendor management and TPRM strategies to gain insights that enable them to optimize efficiency, reduce costs & mitigate risks.

According to a survey by Forrester, “92 percent of data analytics professionals said their firms needed to increase the use of external data sources; 54 percent said their companies plan to increase spending on it.”

Enlighta platform takes advantage of external data feeds to enable enterprises to enrich their existing data with Company, Market, Financial, Sustainability, Compliance, Analyst Ratings & Geo-risk data and improve their analytical insights for making data-driven decisions.

Here are some of the examples of external data feeds supported by the Enlighta platform and the data pulled in through these external data feeds;

Please reach out to us if your enterprise needs to enrich existing data with an external data feed not listed here.

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