Enlighta's SRM & TPRM Platform

Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises

Data-driven Insights for planning & effective decisions

Role and user-configurable landing page and dashboards for Risk, Compliance, Spend, Forecasts, Scorecards, Service Levels, and more.

Document Library & Smart Search

Why dig through contract documents and amendments to get access to current Pricing, SLAs, Renewal Dates, Key Terms, Deliverables/Obligations?

Enlighta makes it easy to access and search current data in a secure, role-based web solution.

Automated reminders & expiry notifications.

Automated Contract Data Extraction

Step 1

Setup extraction rules

Step 2

Preview and tweak

Step 3

Automated extraction of key terms, dates, D&Os, SLAs, etc.

Step 4

Link extracted content to document sections

Quick and easy access to key information and your activities

Single System of Truth for Executives, Vendor Managers, Business Managers, Finance Managers, Contract Managers, Risk & Compliance Managers as well as Supplier Users

Analytics & Reports on demand

Use familiar excel-like Pivot tables and more to easily slice/dice on demand

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