Supplier Governance & Supplier Relationship Management

Enlighta platform enables your organization to thrive from your strategic supplier and third-party relationships.

Enlighta Govern

Using Enlighta Govern, your vendor managers can effectively govern strategic suppliers as Enlighta automates governance processes and your executives have insight into performance, risk, contract compliance, and spend that is needed to optimize the business value from supplier relationships. Learn more about Enlighta Govern.

Enlighta TPRM

Using Enlighta TPRM, third-party risk and compliance monitoring are automated and auditable. Whether it is an initial risk assessment of prospective third parties or automation of due-diligence questionnaires & internal assessments or detailed contract compliance monitoring & reporting or reporting of risk via risk scorecards, Enlighta TPRM makes it easy for regulated entities to roll out and adapt an effective TPRM program across 1000s of third-parties. Learn more about Enlighta TPRM.

Enlighta Assess

Periodic assessment of the health of strategic supplier relationships gives executives a quick pulse on what is going well and what needs to improve in strategic relationships. Enlighta Assess provides out-of-box assessments that can be quickly tailored for client-specific needs. Learn more about Enlighta Assess.

Enlighta DevSmart

Application Development & Maintenance when using multiple suppliers is a challenge; it is difficult to consolidate demand for services (projects or resources), compare rates and proposals across suppliers, select candidates from suppliers, and track utilization so invoices can be validated. Enlighta DevSMART makes applications development smarter and easier whether using managed services or T&M or agile “story-point” based delivery models. Learn more about Enlighta DevSMART.

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