Enlighta Vendor Portal

An Intelligent Hub for Effective Vendor Management

Transform vendor interactions into a streamlined, collaborative experience with a centralized platform powered by AI.

Streamline Vendor Management with a Self-Service Vendor Portal

Friction in vendor onboarding, communication, and management can hinder business agility and expose you to risk. Enlighta Vendor Portal is an intelligent hub that streamlines vendor interactions, reduces costs, and improves collaboration.

Vendor Registration and Profiles

Enable vendors to easily register and create/upload and update their profile information such as contacts, product catalogs and rate cards, business addresses and sites, subcontractors, and more.

Document Submission and AI-powered Extraction and Validation

Enable vendors to upload documents related to onboarding and other compliance activities such as ownership documents, insurance certificates, canceled checks, etc. Automatically extract key information from uploaded documents (such as names, IDs, account numbers, etc.) and validate them with Enlighta AI.

Invoice Submission, Validation, and Status

Enable vendors to submit and query the status of their invoices (including payment). Auto-validate submitted invoices against purchase orders using Enlighta AI to flag any discrepancies.

Approval Process Automation

Send email and in-app reminders to relevant stakeholders and automate document and invoice approval processes. Request additional information from vendors, document resubmission, or clarification before approvals for accuracy and transparency.

Communications and Notices

Enable vendors to view and respond to recent communications and notices within Enlighta application.

Knowledge Base

Vendors can view and search knowledge base for key functions performed.

Integrate with ERPs and other SaaS tools

Seamlessly integrate Enlighta Vendor Portal with ERPs such as SAP, Oracle as well as data warehouses and other SaaS tools for a unified experience.

When used alongside Enlighta Procure, TPRM, and Govern, the Vendor Portal also gives vendors a centralized hub to:

  • Respond to RFPs (Request for Proposal) events, submit proposals, and provide clarifications at your request.
  • Submit qualified candidates for open staffing positions.
  • Respond to risk assessments and share supporting documents as evidence.
  • Submit performance actuals, and participate in relationship health assessment surveys. 
  • Request and manage exemptions or waivers from specific contractual requirements.
  • Respond to and resolve issues efficiently.

Benefits of Enlighta’s Enterprise Vendor Management Suite for Your Businesses:

  • Gain 360° visibility into each vendor’s internal and external data.
  • Track, report, and optimize vendor performance against contractual SLAs and KPIs.
  • Launch built-in risk assessments to assess initial risk scores for supplier segmentation. Continually identify and mitigate cross-domain risks collaboratively.
  • Improve communication with customizable templates and enhance efficiency by automating workflows.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory screenings. 
  • Eliminate data silos with contract management tools.
  • Collaborate efficiently with features like meeting management and issue tracking.
  • Regularly assess the health of your strategic supplier relationships with relationship health surveys and scorecards

Enlighta Vendor Portal Benefits

Faster Onboarding
& Reduced Costs

Self-service registration and AI-powered document processing minimize manual effort and accelerate time-to-value.

Enhanced Collaboration
& Communication

Foster a collaborative environment with streamlined communication tools, knowledge base access, and automated workflows.

Unified Experience

Integrate seamlessly with your existing ERPs, data feeds, and other Enlighta Solutions (Govern, TPRM, and Procure) for a 360° view of vendor data and more.

“Get Enlighta Now! Enlighta Is Our Single System
Of Truth Across Key Supplier Engagements; Quick Adoption & An ROI Within 6 Months Of Deployment.”

Director, Enterprise Supplier Management

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