Enlighta Assess

Relationship Assessment

Assess the health of your strategic supplier and client relationships for key stakeholder alignment and report on balanced scorecards.

Get a Pulse on Your Strategic Vendor and Client Relationships

Enlighta enables you to gather, quantify, and assess qualitative feedback from stakeholders to help you achieve strategic alignment
with partnerships that truly contribute to your success.

Enlighta Assess

Assess and report on balanced scorecards the health of your strategic supplier and client relationships for key stakeholder alignment.


Executives find out too late that the strategic supplier relationship has soured or is not generating the value that was expected.


Using Enlighta Assess, within a few weeks every year or every 6 months executives get a pulse on the strategic supplier relationships; what is working well and what is not; where the trendline is concerning; where immediate intervention is needed. Also, governance of engagements across all stages of the intake to invoicing lifecycle is addressed for staffing, project, and agile engagements.

Enlighta Assess is being used to assess the health of supplier relationships by dozens of enterprises across service categories such as IT ADM, IT Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Telecom, Back Office Services, Health Insurance services, and more.

Gather Feedback from Stakeholders

Send out-of-the-box assessment surveys to unlimited respondents, or modify or create your own dynamic surveys with custom scoring and computation using Enlighta’s Assessment Designer which lets you add or skip custom follow-up questions or sections based on previous responses as well as responder’s profile/function.  

Launch surveys by importing respondents via spreadsheets and configuring email templates within Enlighta. Monitor completion rates and set reminders to respondents to ensure timely collection of valuable feedback. The respondents can easily complete the surveys all at once, or save their progress and return to complete them any time before the survey is set to expire.

Assess Vendor Performance Efficiently

Once your survey responses are in, Enlighta helps you analyze the data and unlock critical insights to management across divisions and business units with:

  • Reporting Dashboards: Slice and dice survey responses by survey sections, questions, and respondents. You can also export this data to spreadsheets or other BI tools for further analysis.
  • Vendor Balanced Scorecards that visualize vendor performance across multiple dimensions like  innovation, business value, performance, risk, compliance, quality, capabilities, ESG and more. Enlighta auto-computes and generates them at the aggregate level and by respondent. These scorecard computations can also incorporate objective performance data from Enlighta’s built-in SLAs and Obligations tracking or derive KPIs from your existing enterprise systems.

Trigger Remediation Activities

With Enlighta Govern, you can also configure the creation and assignment of issues for remediation if expectations are not met and quickly schedule meetings, invite stakeholders, capture minutes and action items, and track future meetings for each vendor.
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