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Enlighta Procure: For Streamlined Sourcing

Minimize cost, complexity, and risk exposure during vendor sourcing, selection, intake, and onboarding with Enlighta Procure.

Accelerate High Value Vendor Intake

Enlighta Procure enables your procurement, vendor, and risk management teams to work together
to identify and intake low risk, high value vendors.

Standardize Demand Capturing and Planning

  • Centrally collect and standardize stakeholder requests for projects, resources, and services through built-in, configurable intake forms. 
  • Automate workflows for intake and services request approvals.
  • Track actual and forecasted resource and services utilization for informed decision-making and planning.

Streamline RFx Management: Sourcing to Selection

  • Create, store, reuse, and send RFx questionnaires for different types of demand and services categories outlining your specific requirements, evaluation criteria, timelines, and more. 
  • Invite prospective and existing vendors to respond to requests for information (RFIs), proposals (RFPs), and quotes (RFQs).
  • Collect, track, and organize RFx documents like bids, proposals, and quotations.
  • Easily compare RFx responses against predefined criteria like capabilities, pricing, risk, etc.
  • Automate proposal review, evaluation, clarification, and selection workflows to shortlist and select best-fit vendors.

Strengthen Due Diligence

  • Screen for PEPs, AML/CTF Compliance, and sanctions against global watchlists.
  • Automate initial risk due-diligence assessments and supplier segmentation based on initial risk scores. 
  • Launch best-in-class built-in and customizable DDQs for assessing risk across InfoSec, tech, operations, ABAC, financials, and other evolving risk domains.  
  • Track and manage risks by defining control points, collecting evidence, identifying residual risk, and creating mitigation plans.
  • Create and enrich vendor profiles with critical company data, market trends, ESG ratings, and news updates. Capture 4th and 5th parties and integrate with leading external data sources of your choice for enhanced visibility into each vendor.

Accelerate Contracting

  • Auto-generate contracts using built-in contract templates and pre-approved clause library. 
  • Instantly extract SLAs and KPIs for easy delivery management.
  • Track contract changes and automatically update impacted elements.
  • Automate contract change approvals with configurable workflows

Automate Vendor Onboarding

  • Scan for prior adverse events (across multiple reputed sources) across risk domains. 
  • Centrally collect vendor documents (such as insurance certificates, canceled bank checks etc.) and validate them with AI-powered document validation. 
  • Automatically create tickets for assets, seats, or licenses allocation to seamlessly bring new vendors into your ecosystem.

Enlighta Procure Benefits

Streamlined Sourcing and Procurement

Improved Decision-Making

Enhanced Vendor Management

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