About Us

Enlighta was formed with a simple vision. As what happened with manufacturing – there is an undeniable and significant trend towards fragmentation and distribution of services, IT services, business processing services, and more.

Look around you. Whether it is technical support provided by leading computer manufacturers, the processing of your insurance claims, or the ERP application rolled out across your organization, very simply – services are being delivered from – wherever it makes the most economic and strategic sense to deliver them from. 

Effective governance of global services, especially outsourced services is a critical capability you have to get right. There are multiple drivers for this need: the significant business value and impact of global or outsourced services, government and industry regulations, increased board oversight, and tighter controls via IT and legal policies.

Whether you are an “internal or captive” global services provider or a commercial global services provider – your business depends on real-time monitoring of compliance, management insight into service performance and trends, global capacity and work-load management, consistent process execution, effective management, and communication of changes, and connected stakeholders sharing relevant information and business priorities seamlessly.

Enlighta is on a mission to help you get a quantum leap in your ability to govern global services delivery by providing easy-to-use, highly adaptable software solutions that can be licensed, implemented, deployed, and supported at a fraction of the cost of typical enterprise applications.

Enlighta has been in business since early 2002. Enlighta Inc. is a California corporation with global development and services centers.

Capture the full value of global sourcing, while containing risks and assuring compliance!

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