Enlighta TPRM

Third-Party Risk Monitoring

Transform your Third-Party Risk Management program to an automated and auditable set of processes that span the third-party management lifecycle.

Enlighta TPRM (Third Party Risk Monitoring)

Only offering that integrates Supplier Governance & integrates with leading ERP, CLM and GRC tools

Enlighta TPRM supports initial risk assessment of prospective third parties, automation of due-diligence questionnaires to internal stakeholder groups & third parties, internal compliance quality assessments, detailed contract compliance monitoring, and reporting of risk via risk scorecards. Enlighta TPRM makes it easy for regulated entities to roll out and adapt an effective TPRM program across 1000s of third parties.

Enlighta benefits Third-Party Risk Management

Out of box TPRM functions that can be easily adapted

Risk Scoring & Auditable Due-Diligence Assessments Across multiple dimensions

Setup TPRM Program

Assess Third-Party Risk

Monitor Third-Party Risk

Report Third-Party Risk

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