Enlighta Assess

Relationship Assessment

Assess the health of your strategic supplier and client relationships for key stakeholder alignment and report on balanced scorecards.

Enlighta Assess

Enlighta Assess

Assess and report on balanced scorecards the health of your strategic supplier and client relationships for key stakeholder alignment.


Executives find out too late that the strategic supplier relationship has soured or is not generating the value that was expected.


Using Enlighta Assess, within a few weeks every year or every 6 months executives get a pulse on the strategic supplier relationships; what is working well and what is not; where the trendline is concerning; where immediate intervention is needed. Also, governance of engagements across all stages of the intake to invoicing lifecycle is addressed for staffing, project, and agile engagements.

Enlighta Assess is being used to assess the health of supplier relationships by dozens of enterprises across service categories such as IT ADM, IT Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Telecom, Back Office Services, Health Insurance services, and more.


It is easy to either use an existing assessment Survey and Supplier Balanced Scorecard or create a new Survey and Scorecard. Each Survey can have Sections and Questions with corresponding Weights. Survey Participants can be imported via spreadsheets or created online. Email templates, Launch Page, and Reminders can all be configured. The calculations to be used to generate the Scorecard KPIs and the aggregate Scorecard scores can also be set up and adapted.


Once the Survey and Scorecard are set up, they can be distributed via email. The Survey participants are not required to log in as users in Enlighta to participate in the assessment. In addition to client stakeholders, supplier stakeholders can also participate in assessments to get a 360 degree perspective on the relationship.


The Survey administrator can monitor the participation of stakeholders in the assessment and can re-invite or send additional reminders.


The results of the assessment are reported on Dashboards and can be sliced/diced by Section or Question or Respondent and can also be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.  


How did the supplier perform across Divisions or Business Units? Which area of the assessment did the supplier excel in? Where are the concerns? How did the supplier perform compared to the previous assessment? Enlighta Assess supports analysis that provides insights to management.


Enlighta Assess auto-computes and publishes the Supplier Balanced Scorecard at the aggregate level and by respondent. This is a key tool that is used by executives to understand how aligned the relationship is across risk & compliance, quality, capabilities, innovation, and other dimensions.

Enlighta Assess benefits Engagement Leads

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