Enlighta Govern

Supplier Governance & Supplier Relationship Management

Reduce value leakage by automating supplier governance processes, monitoring contract compliance and performance and tracking demand and consumption of services.

More Business Value from Supplier Relationships & Reduce Value Leakage

Transparency & Compliance​

Reduce value leakage, increase compliance & transparency

  • Post-contract Supplier governance
  • Issues/Gaps
  • Scorecards
  • SLAs/KPIs & Service Credits
  • Deliverables & Obligations
  • Meetings/Action Items
  • Resource Allocation to Projects
  • Risks, Action Items and Meetings
  • Proactive alerts on key Events & Actions


Typical 35%+ reduction in efforts in supplier management via automation and use of shared platform

Cost Savings

ROI from the first year of deployment

Contract & Change Request

Effective governance starts by having Supplier contracts (MSAs, SOWs, Amendments) in a single online repository, well organized with key data such as total-value, expiry dates extracted, easily accessible and searchable and with appropriate access controls. Vendor Managers and Contract Managers get reminders for upcoming key dates, and the change-management (contract changes such as amendments and operational changes such as changes to SLA thresholds) processes are automated with one or more stakeholder review and approval steps. 

Compliance Issues & Risk

Most supplier engagements use many custom spreadsheets and emails to track issues, risks, action items, etc. All of these can be easily imported to Enlighta Govern giving all stakeholders (including suppliers) visibility and management in an online tool. Tracking of Deliverables & Obligations (D&Os) is a core requirement for effective governance (especially in regulated industries). Enlighta Govern automates the reminders for recurring D&Os and review and approval processes. At any point of time all stakeholders know what D&Os are coming up, what have been missed and what was submitted on time and has been accepted. Issues (governance, invoice related, performance related, operational, etc.) can all be tracked, managed and automated using Enlighta Govern.

Demand Management

Real-time visibility into demand helps with planning and tracking of projected spend. Enlighta supports the intake process via Enlighta DevSMART (that integrates with Enlighta Govern) as well as supports tracking of forecast versus actuals for services by supplier, location and service category.

Engagement Management

Stakeholder alignment is critical to drive business value and reduce potential of failure. Enlighta Govern automates distribution, computation and reporting of Supplier Balanced Scorecard that provides insight into the health of strategic supplier relationships. The weights and KPIs for each Supplier Balanced Scorecard can be configured per client-specific needs and the KPIs can be compared across divisions/BUs, across Regions and across Service Categories. Enlighta Govern also supports tracking of Meetings (such as QBRs) and Action-Items that result from the meetings. Enlighta also tracks key Supplier Information such as Legal Entities, Sub-Contractors, Sites, Contacts as well as Supplier Capabilities.

Financials Mangement

How much have we spent on a specific Supplier engagement this year? Last 3-years? What are the accruals for last quarter? How much is the balance available on the open Purchase Order? How do the Supplier Rates compare to other Supplier Rate Cards? What are the Service Credits reported this year? Enlighta Govern addresses these and a lot more.
Enlighta Govern supports automation of the Invoice Validation process including review/approval by multiple stakeholder groups. From simple rate-card type pricing to Agile Story Points to more complex variable ARC/RRC type pricing or Software license pricing contracts that are based on per-CPU or per-User or bundled pricing – Enlighta Govern supports many pricing models as well as automated CPI/COLA adjustments, Shift/Language pricing adjustments, Overtime and more.

Performance & Service Levels

Effective tracking of performance is a key success criteria in supplier engagements. Enlighta Govern enables tracking of SLAs (Service Levels) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as automates the process for suppliers reporting their performance monthly or quarterly, validation, review and approval of reported performance and generation and reporting of SLA scorecards. Enlighta also supports automated computation of SLAs/KPIs from data-feeds (such as ServiceNow tickets or JIRA defects). Service credits/earnbacks can be tracked and reported. RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and CAP (Corrective Action Plans) are supported as well as Exceptions.

“Enlighta has transformed how we manage and realize value from our strategic suppliers and third-parties”

Senior Vice President, F500 Financial Services

Enlighta Govern benefits

Vendor Mgmt.​

  • Auditable compliance to regulations, policies, contracts by 3rd parties & suppliers
  • Reduction in value leakage from engagements
  • Value indicators and risk indicators on Scorecards
  • Data driven Insights for planning & effective decisions

Supplier Engagement

  • Single source of truth for supplier stakeholders
  • Automation of collaborative processes
  • Reminders for key events and dates
  • Consistent engagement interface across multiple client line-of-businesses
  • ‘My Queue’ dashboard that consolidates all requests


  • Demand mgmt. for staffing & projects
  • Automation of core governance processes
  • Objective and subjective assessments of strategic suppliers & third-parties
  • Performance mgmt. for SLAs/KPIs & Credits
  • Contract compliance & renewal alerts

“Get Enlighta now! Enlighta is our single system
of truth across key supplier engagements; quick adoption
and an ROI within 6 months of deployment.”

Director, Enterprise Supplier Management

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