Hi-Tech Companies

R&D outsourcing, App-Dev & Maintenance to Support Services, Enlighta enables Hi-Tech companies to effectively govern their strategic and niche suppliers using a single platform across service lines and regions.

Enlighta’s platform makes it easier to automate demand intake and approvals, track and report supplier performance, validate invoices against contractual rate-cards.

Hi-Tech companies have increased their reliance on global partners for core and non-core services. There is simply more to be gained and lost from supplier relationships and effective governance is no longer a nice-to-have.

Having insight into demand for resources and projects, supplier performance and spend, issues & escalations, contract rate-cards and obligations is a challenge without a platform that is used by key stakeholders and suppliers.

VMO teams are typically small and simply cannot manually validate rates, COLA adjustments, track service level credits and track demand from business clients without a platform.

Enlighta’s platform uniquely addresses requirements of Hi-Tech Enterprises.

Unlike point solutions, Enlighta addresses all facets of effective Supplier Governance including demand mgmt., performance mgmt., contract compliance, risk monitoring, compliance attestation and more. Enlighta integrates with leading GRC and Contract Mgmt. tools.

Effective vendor governance includes active participation by Executives, Vendor Managers, Business stakeholders, Contract Managers, Compliance Groups, etc. The ability to support different needs of these stakeholder groups to drive adoption is critical.

Out of box collaborative processes help prevent operational issues from impacting relationships and lower the cost of services delivery and governance.
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