Enlighta Recognized as Best-in-Breed Supplier Relationship Management Tool by Everest Group Market Research

We’re thrilled to announce that Enlighta has been named a best-of-breed tool with Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) capabilities by Everest Group in their recent report, “Transforming Supplier Relationship Management with Technology | Market Insights™.” This recognition by an industry leading analyst firm validates our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that reduce value leakage and foster resilient and collaborative partnerships with their vendors.

The report recognizes Enlighta suite as a best-of-breed SRM tool for various supplier relationship management activities such as supplier segmentation, supplier governance, supplier performance management, supplier collaboration, supplier-driven innovation, and supplier conflict management.

Enlighta suite differentiates itself by ranking highly in evaluation categories such as user-interface, configurability, customizability, modularity, dashboard and visualization. The report identifies Enlighta as a key player for driving agile and resilient supplier relationships, with key capabilities that enable

  • Workflow optimization: Allows users to streamline D&O approvals, issue management, invoice validation, and more, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.
  • Granular performance insights: Tracks and analyzes SLAs and KPIs across various categories to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Stakeholder and Supplier Collaboration: Fosters open communication and information sharing with suppliers through a centralized platform.
  • Data-driven decision making: Delivers actionable insights from comprehensive data analysis to inform ongoing risk monitoring for all supplier relationships.

We are proud to be recognized by Everest Group as a top SRM solution, and even more excited to help businesses unlock the full potential of their supplier relationships. 

If you’re looking to digitize your vendor management and achieve efficiency, deeper performance insights, and stronger, more collaborative partnerships with your vendors, try Enlighta Spice. Contact us at info@enlighta.com to get a free trial or schedule a personalized demo.

View the full report by Everest Group

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