Enlighta Supplier Portal

A Self-Service Collaboration Portal for a Comprehensive View of Your Suppliers

Improve communication & collaboration, gain a complete view into your third parties and manage supplier performance, contracts, spend, compliance, risks, measures & KPIs in a single, easily accessible portal.

Single Source of Truth for Your Internal & External Supplier Data

Enlighta Supplier Portal enables enterprises to bridge data silos by integrating multiple disparate systems & creating a single source of truth for internal & supplier stakeholders. Enlighta Supplier Portal provides a single self-service platform to access all internal & external supplier data and improve communication & collaboration with your third-party suppliers.

Measure, Analyze & Manage Supplier Performance

Effectively cut costs, alleviate risks & drive continuous improvement by measuring, analyzing, and managing your suppliers’ performance. Effectively track & manage performance measures against Programs, Goals, or SLAs/KPIs against supplier contracts by effortlessly defining performance indicators, measuring & reporting supplier performance, tracking root-cause of failures, and corrective actions.

Track critical supplier quantitative & qualitative operational metrics (Quality, Delivery, Cost/Commercial, Safety, Sustainability) and SLAs with a system that auto-calculates key contractual SLAs & operational metrics with detailed reports. Easily automate the process for performance reporting (by suppliers, monthly or quarterly), validation, review & approval of reported performance, and generation & reporting of SLA scorecards. 

Gain actionable insights with supplier SLA dashboard and analytics capabilities like SLA scorecards, SLA Credits & Earnbacks, Trend of SLA Performance (by comparing against previous month performance), aggregate report of percent SLAs met or missed, and Ad Hoc reports for custom requirements.

Improve Communication & Collaboration with Suppliers

Improve communication with your suppliers with customizable communication templates that can send alerts, notices, or collect information from all, or selected suppliers with an auditable trail of all communications. Certain notifications require supplier acknowledgment, and others require suppliers to submit information or documents. 

Leverage automated workflows with configurable steps & alerts/reminders (on steps or time-outs) to be sent via email or within the application. Set up multiple reminders or reminders for SLA breaches, expiry, renewal & other critical events.

In addition, depending on the global footprint of the suppliers, the portal supports communication based on the language preferences (including support for right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic) of the third parties even whereas the publisher may have published the notification in a common language (such as English). 

Improve Supplier Risk Management & Contract Compliance

Integrate with external systems to sync supplier assessments & responses or get started with adaptable out-of-the-box risk assessment templates or create your custom risk assessment. Then, quickly distribute the risk assessment survey via customizable email templates. Participants can take the assessment without logging in as users, further reducing the friction. Monitor assessment participation and report collected risk assessment survey responses on the dynamic, customizable dashboards for drill-down analysis by section, question, or respondents.

Effectively track and manage third-party risks to reduce risk exposure by defining control points, reviewing assessment responses, creating risk issues, generating risk score & tier, mitigating risk with risk mediation plans across the third-party risk management lifecycle. Easily create third-party risk audit plans and conduct internal and external audits. Track and manage risk audit findings and results to develop corrective action plans.

For contract compliance, integrate with external CLM & save time by leveraging AI, ML & Extraction rules to extract, manage & query crucial contract metadata like key terms, dates, deliverables & obligations, SLAs, pricing, and more. Effortlessly create (or import from existing sources), manage & track contractual deliverables and obligations at any stage of the sourcing lifecycle. Automate the approval process of submitted D&Os with workflows and never miss any critical due dates with auto-reminders and penalties.

Augment Supplier Relationship Management

Augment supplier relationship management by effectively managing meetings (like QBRs, Scorecard Review) by quickly creating schedules, sending invitations (with agenda, stakeholders), capturing meeting minutes & action items, and creating & viewing forward meeting schedules (by meeting type, supplier & location).

Improve issue management with the ability to create, assign, re-assign, resolve, close issues, create parent-child issue hierarchies, capture the root cause of issues, auto-create issues (on SLA breaches, on Invoice validation errors, on missed Deliverables, etc.), mark an issue as a duplicate, track and report cycle time and volumetric reports, drill down from Issue Management Dashboards and slice/dice issues.

Effectively manage action items by automatically creating & assigning action items based on pre-defined business rules or events. Easily reassign or allocate action items to teams or specific team members (user groups) and gain real-time & actionable insights with reports that track cycle time and volume.

External Data Feeds

Build a robust & comprehensive third-party supplier profile by aggregating critical supplier data (Name, Logo, Description, CEO, # of Employees, CUSIP, CIK, UK SICS, ISIN, etc.), market data (Stock Symbol, Stock Price, Market Cap, Enterprise Value, Revenue, etc.), sustainability/ESG data (Sustainability Scorecard, Performance & Risks), and supplier news & updates from external data sources like Dun & Bradstreet, InsiderView, LexisNexis, Ecovadis, and more.

Regulatory Compliance Verification

Ensure that the suppliers comply with AML/CTF regulations with automatic Sanctions Screening (for individuals, entities, or countries) & Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Screening with a list coverage including major watchlist (UN, EU, DFAT, & OFAC) and other government & law enforcement lists powered by external data feeds like Dun & Bradstreet, NameScan, and more.

Actionable Reporting & Analytics

Improve organizational oversight & drive continuous improvement with in-depth, real-time, insightful & dynamic dashboards & reports for tracking supplier performance, risks, action items, issues, and more. Visualize real-time & actionable dashboards & reports for:

Supplier Self-Service

Reduce adoption friction & reduce costs by enabling suppliers with a self-service portal that supports supplier registration & self-service updates. Suppliers can update & manage their contacts, submit documents, respond to assessments, report performance, request exemptions & waivers, and more.

The approval process is automated, and automatic reminder notifications are sent to respective stakeholders for approval via email or within the application. Before approval, stakeholders can also request additional information, resubmission of documents, clarification on exemptions, etc., to ensure that they have the required information.

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