More Business Value from Supplier Relationships & Reduce Value Leakage

Highly Adaptable & Scalable Supplier & Third-Party Engagement Platform


Integrates with leading enterprise systems for CLM, ERP, GRC & VMS Tools

Enlighta Govern​

Strategic Supplier Governance & Relationship Mgmt.

Enlighta TPRM

Third Party Risk Monitoring & Compliance Attestation

Enlighta Assess

Assess and score health of relationships

Enlighta DevSMART

Demand, Selection to Invoicing for ADM engagements

Enlighta Solutions are used & trusted by Leading Enterprises

Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and for well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises.

Why Enlighta?

  • Proven over 10+ years in production
  • Very easy to get started – self-service
  • ROI from day 1 – get started at $0 per month*
  • Out-of-box processes to client configured solutions
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Scalable from 1-2 suppliers to 1000s of third-parties

HfS Winner’s Circle

“Enlighta provides the broadest and deepest set of functionality that HfS has observed to-date. It is a very flexible and scalable solution that was highly rated by its clients.”

What would you like to do ?

Govern Suppliers, Performance & Contracts Compliance

Monitor and Reduce Third Party Risk?

Interested in Smart Outsourced App Dev & Maintenance?


Interested in Assessing Health of Supplier or Client Relationships?

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